Countering Counterfeit

As a Licensor there’s nothing worse than seeing counterfeiters trade off all your hard work.

The Problem

We’ve had big problems on platforms like RedBubble and Amazon where counterfeiters have ripped off our licenses and are selling T-shirts without any approvals.

It’s really tricky shutting them down too.

It’s become so easy for counterfeiters to have blank t-shirts and inkjet printers and even 3D printers in their bedrooms and sell unauthorised products from their homes!

The Solution

So we have enlisted the help of Lexdech.

For 13 weeks, Lexdech will trawl the sites like eBay, RedBubble and Amazon send you their findings. With your approval, they will then shut down the offenders. 3 months is the period it’ll take to be effective. This programme will cost £1,600 per month so £4,800. 

Our recommendation would be to run this twice a year (in a 12 month period) and a 10% discount will apply*

Every sale of a counterfeit t-shirt is the lost sale of a genuine t-shirt. So in theory, if you have a popular brand, this exercise should pay for itself.

It’s working for us, which is why we are helping to spread the word.

*Exclusively for applying via Licensingpages®

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