Brand Licensing Agreement


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Contract Framework Contents

The licensing agreement or contract between licensor/agent & licensee will include details of:

    • The Licensee and their registered office and company registration details
    • The Licensor’s product
    • The licensed properties – the copyrighted works such as logo type, phrases, look; trademarked works such as the actual logo, character designs etc
    • Which retail outlets the licensed product maybe sold in
    • The licensed products which maybe manufactured e.g. clothes – underwear, socks and t-shirts only
    • The publicity material – what promotional advertising and packaging material that will promote the licensed product
    • The Licensee’s selling price (wholesale price to retailer)
    • The deemed minimum selling price (to consumer)
    • The territory in which the products may be sold
    • The start and finish dates of the agreement
    • The advance required e.g. £10,000 / $10,000
    • Advance payment date e.g. 50% on signature, 50% in 6 months
    • The royalty rate e.g. 10% of net receipts from sale of licensed products + TAX
    • Distribution date – the date by which the licensed products will be available for shipment to retail outlets
    • Marketing date – the date by which the licensed product will appear in retail