Licensingpages® has been established since 1998, which makes it one of the longest running licensing related websites in the world. Longevity has encouraged regular usage. Google tracking data shows we have approximately 3,600 users per month. Although this in internet terms is a small number, the tracking further shows that the users are searching for specific highly targeted information.

Our platforms for promotion- Online, digital and print maximise awareness and distribution. Our directory alone covers 6,750 organisations in 91 countries worldwide. Our Google ranking is excellent as is our ranking on other search engines such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Advertisers can achieve good value, highly targeted, measurable campaigns, to get their message across with Licensingpages®.

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Why not consider marketing directly to our excellent database of retail buyers, Licensees or Licensors. We can segment by territory and operation. We have amazing cut-through and are we are strongly anti-spam and regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Licensingpages Directory contains over 10,000 licensing personnel in over 6,750 companies in 91 countries.

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